What's ERDAJT ???

Lights On In (days:hours:mins:secs):
Emily Raejean
Daniel Arthur
John Timothy


ERDAJT on TLC in 2013!

ERDAJT on MCO Christmas Special 2 from Timothy J Gay on Vimeo.

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2014 Display Update

Because we did two major updates to the display in 2013, we are only planning a moderate add in 2014 of about 20,000 lights.  It’s also getting ‘late in the game’ for us since Emily is already in college, and Dan will be in 1 year.   That said, we did love the new leaping light trees and we are adding two more this year, a red one and a pink one which brings our total to five leaping light trees.  We are also adding a second meteor shower tree to the display, and this one will have multiple colors on it, versus the white one we added last year.  There are a few other misc minor additions.

Total lights estimated at:  416,000
Total computerized channels: 1,016
Total songs: > 200

The music we are adding this year will bring our total choreographed catalog to over 200 songs.   Artists of new songs we are adding include: Coldplay, Celtic Thunder, Ellie Goulding, Fall Out Boys, Imagine Dragons,  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole,  One Republic, Metrics, London Grammer, Lisa Layne, The Chieftans, Bobina, The Temper Trap, and Sade.


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