What's ERDAJT ???

Lights On In (days:hours:mins:secs):
Emily Raejean
Daniel Arthur
John Timothy

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Thanks for a great season and see you next year!



Australian TV Interview

ERDAJT on TLC in 2013!

ERDAJT on MCO Christmas Special 2 from Timothy J Gay on Vimeo.

Please like us on facebook – as we approach the upcoming season, we will be posting information, photos and video snippets.   It’s also good for checking nightly status, etc.


2014 Display Update

Because we did two major updates to the display in 2013, we are only planning a moderate add in 2014 of about 20,000 lights.  It’s also getting ‘late in the game’ for us since Emily is already in college, and Dan will be in 1 year.   That said, we did love the new leaping light trees and we are adding two more this year, a red one and a pink one which brings our total to five leaping light trees.  We are also adding a second meteor shower tree to the display, and this one will have multiple colors on it, versus the white one we added last year.  There are a few other misc minor additions.

Total lights estimated at:  601,736
Total computerized channels: 1,032
Total songs: 210

The music we are adding this year will bring our total choreographed catalog to over 200 songs.   Artists of new songs we are adding include: Coldplay, Celtic Thunder, Ellie Goulding, Fall Out Boys, Imagine Dragons,  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole,  One Republic, Metrics, London Grammer, Lisa Layne, The Chieftans, Bobina, The Temper Trap, and Sade.


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