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Emily Raejean
Daniel Arthur
John Timothy



ERDAJT on TLC in 2013!

ERDAJT on MCO Christmas Special 2 from Timothy J Gay on Vimeo.

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Check out our 2013 Display Introduction:


The 2013 display is complete!!
There are several major additions that will not be disclosed on the website.
Total light is 392,887
Strobe lights: 1,454
Computerized channels: 1,000
Music: 181 songs

New Elements Include:
            - 3 Leaping Light Trees, each with 15 channels, and 7,000 lights, towering 50 feet high

            - Swirling Spiral with 8,000 lights and 48 channels.

            - Mother’s Day heart, 3 channels, 3,100 lights in Red, Green and Blue, and various other ornaments

Once again we are adding some really nice music with many guest choreographers.  Artists covered include: Ellie Goulding (4 new songs!), Armin Van Buren, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, Christina Aguilera, The Temptations, Michael Buble, Swedish House Mafia, Adele, Coldplay, Florence and the Machine, Jorge Quintaro, Sarah Brightman, Bob Rivers, Andy Williams, Peggy Lee, Calvin Harris, August Burns Red, Narada Artists, Lindsey Sterling, Glee (Kevin McHale), Colbie Calliat, Enya, U2 and Blue Oyster Cult.

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