What's ERDAJT ???

Lights On In (days:hours:mins:secs):
Emily Raejean
Daniel Arthur
John Timothy

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2017 Display Update

Dates and times will be posted before Thanksgiving.

Daniel and John have been spending many hours creating a new display element that should be quite magnificent. This display element is huge in every way. This item takes 9, 24 channel controllers to run it. Think spherical! Some other minor updates to the display will bring the total light count to about 555,000 lights controlled by 1,440 channels!

We are adding about 15 songs, bringing the total to over 250. New songs included by Coldplay, U2, Madsonik & Lola Marsh, Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene, Chainsmokers, Linda Eder, Lyyke Li, Pentatonix, Kylie Minogue, The Naked and the Famous, Stokeswood and George Harrison


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