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Emily Raejean
Daniel Arthur
John Timothy

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2021 Display Update

The display will run nightly from 11/26 to 12/28. It starts at 4:45pm daily and will run to 10:30 on Friday

Saturday, and the week of Christmas 12/19-12/28. Sunday through Thursday, it will run to 9:30.

You can check the calendar for the playlist each night, and which charity will be collecting. The Union Vale Fire Department collects most nights for a community fund which is used to support other local charities and individuals in need. Donations are voluntary and pressure free but please be as generous as you can as 100% of the funds go back to helping those truly in need in our community.

Our efforts to improve network performance were successful – the display ran flawlessly in 2020 and never looked better. There are now 1,920 items outside controlled by a computer. The computer wirelessly commands 98 light controllers and is connected to an FM transmitter. Tune your car to 95.3 FM

Total light count is now about 687,000 and there are over 250 songs choreographed to the display. The display is drive through only with no stopping on the roads. We recommend coming early in December if you want to take your time and enjoy the display for a longer duration. Check our Facebook page for frequent updates. Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy our display.


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