About Us


We are a family of 5, living in the town of Union Vale.   Our three children, Emily, Daniel, and John are very active with our holiday light display and it has become a full time family project through out the year. We very much enjoy sharing this with our family, friends and the community.

If you have any questions or comments please sign our guest book by using the link on the left. You can also email me at erdajt@yahoo.com

And please like our facebook page: ERDAJTs Christmas Light Display




I would like to extend my thanks to:


Sean– who is the administrator of this site. He has provided much technical assistance for the past two years.

Uncle Brian – for his creativity and for all of his help since 2001. Especially his help on dismantling the displays, an activity which would otherwise be quite depressing.

Uncle Don - for the early years.

Erik – for his electrical work and many great ideas. Along with Sean, he has been great to bounce ideas off of and many suggestions have been utilized.

 Kim Hart - for the fantastic job she did video taping our display in 2009: See Video, and 2010 (coming soon). If you are looking for someone to video an event, check out Kim's website at: http://solaris3productions.com/

Jake - In 2011, Jake came over everyday during the take-down to help us!

And to the many other friends and neighbors, that now help us dismantle the display!

Our neighbors, friends, and to the many ‘new friends’ we’ve made through our display – for their support and encouragement.

To the many great artists, whose music we choreograph the light display too.