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I didn’t add any electrical circuits in 2005, so my focus was on maximizing the amount of lights on the lines I already had. Brian arrived late this year, only a day or two before Thanksgiving, so he didn’t have much time to plan on a design for the cable. The heart from 2004 was always intended to be a one time display and was discarded when we dismantled it in March. This year, we went with a more traditional Christmas display on the cable – Santa and his sleigh riding on a shooting star. Em, Dan and John, began to help out a little in 2005 and we achieved a total light count of 46,130.

This was the year that Carson Williams video, from 2004, was circulating on the internet. He had done an awesome job of synchronizing his light display to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s, Wizards of Winter. It left quite an impression and certainly watching that video with my kids, got the wheels spinning…