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Links to Emily's 2015 Walkaround Video and Display Intro Videos

2015 marked the 20th anniversary of our light display which began when Emily was born. We had a wonderful season, thankfully the traffic was back to normal and well managed by the town. We started off the season with ?ERDAJT Day?, thanks to Dutchess County Executive, Marcus Molinaro. At the request of my brother John, we hosted a special fund raiser for Navy Seals, and John?s Navy Seal friend, Geoff Reeves joined us from LA. It was a lot of fun and with John?s generous donation we raised over $8,500 for them. Sadly, we lost John this year so we will repeat this Navy Seal Fund raiser in his honor, as well as dedicate the 2016 display to John.

We also did our annual fund raisers for The Children?s Home of Poughkeepsie, Ty Louis Campbell Foundation, and the Ryan McElroy Foundation. As always, our sincerest thanks to the UVFD, especially John and Carlos for all the time and energy they spend to aid those most in need. All together our visitors donated over $58k in 2015, bringing our 5 year total to over $222k! Thanks to all that contribute.

We updated the items Ritz Crackers donated to us in 2014. The #TOPTHAT looked so nice in LED and became part of our animation. We decided to add three cracker children to our Mom and Dad cracker people, so it now matches our family. We also animated them and placed them next to our giant heart