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Taken by John while putting up Meteor Lights

We passed our Guinness World Record in light count in 2018.  The ‘new main cable’ design turned out very nice with our new RGB Stars and Heart – much thanks to Daniel for that as he designed it and created it.  John continued to expand his extraordinary meteor light display with the addition of red.  Em’s contribution came in a most unexpected way – each weekend she brought her new kittens Kylo and Iris down and that led to an expansion to our real family as well as our display family.  After the holidays were over, we ended up getting two Bengal kittens of our own, Ghost and Drogon.


The Hudson Valley Magazine printed a wonderful article about us and our light display.


We did a video shoot with Yahoo, and Scott Snell made the shoot 5 times better with the drone footage he gave Yahoo at no charge – what  a friend!