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In 2019 we added a very original, very cool element – an RGB Double Spiral designed and built by Dan.  Back in 2013, we added our best attempt at a spiral but because it was difficult to make a proportionally correct spiral, it ended up as concentric circles and looks like a bullseye.   Dan was able to sketch this out and transpose it perfectly to a 10x10 foot pattern.

The CBS This Morning show we did was so much fun!  The piece was part of their segment ‘American Wonders’ and that was quite an honor for us to be a part of.  We could not have enjoyed the producer, Molly, and the Host, Jessie, more.  They were very kind and so appreciative of what we do.  And they were very focused on telling the story of what the display was about. 

Many thanks to Scott Snell who provided drone footage to them, and donated the fee they gave him to his charity – ALS which we also matched. You can watch the 5min segment here:

We had 4 marriage proposals in 2019, which is the most ever in a single year.  Our count of known proposals is now 18!

The UVFD and our other guest local charities raised a combined total of $50,794 in 2019, bringing our 8 year total up to $416,575.   We are hoping to cross the $1/2M mark over the next two years.  Thanks to everyone that contributed.