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Emily’s Walk around Video

Thanks to everyone, who visited us in 2009 and for all of the great feedback we received. We appreciated all of the support from our local community including, Cablevision, The Poughkeepsie Journal, and many local radio stations; as well as all the folks who left feedback in our guestbook.  Every year, we are thankful to have the opportunity to bring a little fun during the holidays, to the members of our community.

The display ran near flawless throughout the holiday season.  We had a few minor glitches in the beginning, but were able to iron them out quickly.  The weather was a little hectic at times, as we had quite a bit of snow in December.  With so many suspended tension cables, this was a little nerve racking at times.  We also had to close the driveway 1 night because of a combination of excess precipitation and warm weather.  During the summer this year, we added 25 tons of gravel, so hopefully the driveway will hold up a little better.

Even though we had another 40,000 lights to take down (above 2008 level), we set a new record for dismantling the display and finished in less than 4 ½ days. This was despite frigid weather that at times, turned crew members into frozen snowmen :-D!.  We have implemented lean principles over the years, with the primary goal of ‘ease of take-down’. In addition to that, Dan and John, are more and more capable with each passing year.

Each year, when we wrap up the dismantling of the display, I ask the crew, if they want to commit to another year.  This is important because if we are going to do this again in the following year, the planning phase starts by late February.  Fortunately, the boys want to do it again, so we’ll see you in 2010 :).